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Proper and frequent piano tuning done by an experienced and qualified piano tuner is essential to the sound and health of your instrument. Trust your piano to professional aural piano tuner, Marty Sweeney.

Marty Sweeney's Services:

• Concert Quality Ear-Tuning

• Upright Piano Tuning

• Grand and Baby Grand Piano Tuning

• Certified Disklavier Technician

• Piano Repairs

• Piano Moving

• Guaranteed Workmanship

• Anywhere in Colorado

About Sweeney's Fine Tune Piano Service

Marty Sweeney is an aural piano tuner, meaning he does the piano tuning by ear. This is the traditional method and the one considered to be superior to electronic piano tuning, though the electronic tuning device can be an aid in some cases. Once the standard A440 concert pitch is referenced, usually by a tuning fork, Marty adjusts the pitch of the other notes on a tempered scale.

How Often do Pianos Require Tuning?

New piano strings require some time to achieve the proper tension to hold their tunings since they are stretching under considerable pressure. For this reason, we recommend tuning pianos 3 – 4 times during the first year and twice a year thereafter for pianos used casually. For pianos that are used a number of hours a day, such as those used for piano lessons and in school practice rooms, tuning may be required every 1 – 3 months to keep it in proper tune. Seasonal changes and climate also affect the frequency of piano tuning needs.

It's important to keep a piano in tune, not only for the ear of the player and listeners, but for the health of the instrument. If allowed to go too long, it requires increased adjustments to bring it back to the concert pitch and the stability of the tuning is decreased, meaning it will not last as long. It can even cause damage to the soundboard if not attended to with adequate frequency.

Common Piano Repairs

Most pianos require minor repairs during their lives. It's important to have an experienced, qualified technician to repair pianos to keep the instruments in good health and prevent expensive damage that can result from an inexperienced technician.

Common piano repairs include sticking keys, buzzing or rattling, broken strings, or broken action parts. They can range from easily and inexpensively repaired to quite costly. Marty's extensive experience allows him to provide accurate estimates of the time and costs involved before the repairs are done.

Contact Marty today for the service and care your piano needs!


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